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Removing User-Specific Info from a Layer before Distribution

Created: 30 May 2006 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 2 comments
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Conor asked, "Here's the deal, I created a layer (using WPS 7.0 beta) that inserts several icons into my personal start menu during installation. So I went into advanced layer properties and removed the icons out of my SID area (they still exist in the read-only section) and export the layer to .VSA. If another user imports that layer, and activates it, they get the icons in their start menu, but I don't until I reset the layer after activation. Should I remove all user specific information out of the read-write layer before I export the VSA?"

Thanks for the question, Conor. Yes, if you are preparing a package for centralized distribution, one of the default cleanup actions you would want to do is - in the read-write sublayer - to delete any user folders (with SID folder names) from under "User-specific" in the file system and from under "HKEY_USERS" in the registry.

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Actually, if you are using WPS 7.0 to create layers, the Virtual Package Editor will automatically strip out user-specific files and registry keys from the read-write layer when compiling a .WVP file to a .VSA (but not if you just directly create a layer and then export from SVS Admin).

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Since Smaller VSA exports the layer without including the files from the writable sub-layer, you can also use this tool to accomplish this.

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