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Switching Authentication Providers: Three Key Questions

Created: 04 Jul 2011 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Last week, the Australian online edition of CIO magazine published a great set of questions your CEO should be asking IT staff about replacing their existing strong authentication solution. Three key questions in the article are particularly interesting in wake of the recent news from RSA:

  1. How much is distributing new tokens going to cost the organization?
  2. When will we receive the replacements? Six months? Twelve months?
  3. Are there any alternative two-factor authentication offerings that are lower cost and more convenient that would save the organization operating expenses without compromising security?

Most organizations seeking to mitigate the potential risk to their sensitive networks posed by the RSA breach have been distracted by the first question; however, many are now realizing that the replacement costs aren’t limited to the hardware tokens. In fact, as analyst firm Gartner has pointed out, there are numerous other incremental costs associated with replacement that may exceed the cost of the tokens, such as:

  • Administrative costs to receive, configure, and provision new tokens
  • Mailing costs to deploy tokens to remote users
  • Incremental licensing costs above and beyond the costs of the token hardware

Even if you’re one of the lucky few organizations for whom cost is not an issue, you may still face the challenge of getting replacement tokens in a timely fashion. For these organizations, the prospect of waiting six to eight months for replacement tokens is simply unacceptable. Which means the only viable option for most organizations is to replace their current solution with a secure alternative.

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