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Require a Managed Object

Created: 27 Jun 2008 • Updated: 27 Jun 2008
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In some environments, or for some ticket types, there always needs to be an Asset. After all it doesn't make much sense to have an install software request without a computer seleted. For those options you can create a validation rule that will require this option.

If creating your validation rule for something such as as "Request" Type just enter it with the following parameters:

Name: Asset must be selected

Comment: Requires workers to enter select an Asset when none has been selected.

Display this message: Please select a valid Asset. The Asset NONE is not valid for requests.

When: Every time incident is saved

When ALL of these are TRUE
 "Type" is not equal to "Request"
 "managed_object_id" is the same as "1"

To enter the last line of that parameter just use an <Advanced Condition>