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Resolution of Ops Center Services not started,When Upgrading VBR TO Ops Center

Created: 29 Apr 2013 • 1 comment
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Hi Guys

i want to mention a very special step which we need to take care about,when upgrading VBR To Ops Center

as when we upgrade OpsCenter from VBR ,And go to internet explorer ,it shows Server not found

when we checked the services Ops Center Services were not starting 

so i took help from symantec 

they resolve this and told that donot uninstall the VBR Server, and told us to follow the steps: 

Use the following procedure to uninstall VBR after upgrading to OpsCenter server on Windows platforms:
1.  Select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and stop the Symantec Product Authentication Service. 
2.  Navigate to the following location after upgrading from VBR to OpsCenter server: <install_path>\VERITAS\Security\Authentication
Note: On a 32-bit system the default install path is C:\Program Files. On a 64-bit Windows system, the default location is C:\Program Files (x86). 
3.  Back up the systemprofile folder to another location, such as  D:\backup. 
4.  Run the increment_AT_ref_count.vbs script. You need to run this script only once.
5.  Uninstall VBR from the system. See the Veritas Backup Reporter Guide for the exact instructions.
6.  Copy the systemprofile directory from the backup location and paste it to its original location (<install_path>\VERITAS\Security\Authentication).
7.  Select Control Panel Administrative Tools Services and start the Symantec Product Authentication Service.
Symantec also shared the link from us

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inn_kam please make sure you post in the relevant forum, this has absolutely nothing to do with Netbackup 7.6 Beta

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