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Resource Manager errors with duplicate right-click Items and Altiris 7.5 SP1

Created: 25 Jul 2014 • 5 comments
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When we upgraded our production SMP server from 7.5HF2 to 7.5SP1 we noticed a lot of errors sloshing around our event logs in the days that followed,

  1. Access Denied: No Permission to view task history
  2. Unhandled Exception: An entry with the same key already exists
  3. Unable to create menu item as there due to an XML schema error. An entry with the same key already exists


The first error initially dominated the logs (occuring every few seconds) and then it eased, becoming less frequent (perhaps hourly) and sporadic.

The second and third errors always occured together and only started appearing once the techs started using the console following the upgrade. It turned out that these two errors conincided with a broken resource manager. When console users double-clicked a computer object in the console this screen appeared,


So not very pretty. This error occured even for Symantec Administrators and, as stated above, coincided perfectly with errors 2 and 3 above in the event logs.

After chatting to Altiris Support and uploading my logs and a profiler dump, it turns out that the second two errors were known issues with HF4 (TECH215778: SMP 7.5 HF4 - Error while opening resource manager for User or computer resources). The query in that tech article didn't help locate the issue so I wrote one that might help,

select Name,MyCount from 
(select COUNT(*) as MyCount,Name from vItem
 where ClassGuid='AD07C90E-BFB5-4C7E-8F26-B2A57574EC03'
group by Name) xxx
where MyCount>1

This query searches the editable item actions (class type Altiris.NS.EditableItemAction.EditableResourceItemAction) and sees if any have the same name. And indeed it found the duplicate names and resolved them. With that change, those last two errors vanished and Resource Manager popped back into life.

As an aside, this is a pain as we wanted to have our right-click actions grouped in folders according to role for increased visibility of each roles items. Now we can't do that so ultimately that means a re-think.

As for the first error.... still working on it...

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tsigley_be's picture

Let me know if you find a solution to the first problem.  I'm getting it too.  However, I've got a new install of 7.5 SP1 HF1. I didn't upgrade it from anything.

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ianatkin's picture

Haven't tracked the task permission error down yet. Been distracted by a couple other more interesting puzzles. Altiris support are working on it though. Hope to have something conclusive next week.

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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ianatkin's picture

Still no headway on the "No permission to view task history" error.

The source is "Altiris.NS.Services.CoreServices.TaskService.GetResourceTaskHistory".

Doesn't appear to be impacting anything, but still don't like it in my logs!

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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schnyders's picture

The "No permission to view task history" normally comes when you open a machine in the Silverlight interface without all required permissions (custom security role). As a result of that you don't see the task history of that/all machines.

In our environment the error was gone after giving the custom security role read permission to the following report: "Reports\Task Server\Status\All Jobs/Tasks - Status Summary".
After that we were also able to see the task history of the machines.

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Brandon's picture

In addition to providing access to the report above, something in the root of the 'Tasks' item needs access. I am showing hidden items and I still don't get anything so I have to give 'Read' and 'Run Task' permissions at the root of 'Tasks' for it to work.

The Item appears to be related to ( select * from Item where [Guid] = '297171fd-395f-41d8-a482-ea4271bc9572' ):

 <item>    <url>/altiris/ns/admin/tasks/toptasks.aspx</url>    <imageUrl>/altiris/images/icn20RootFolder.gif</imageUrl>    <replicateFolderContents>False</replicateFolderContents>    <InheritedCreatableClasses>True</InheritedCreatableClasses>    <AllowCreateSubFolders>True</AllowCreateSubFolders>  </item>

I tried unhiding it via attribute change but that didn't work.

The way I was testing this was by using the the 'New Schedule' button on a computer from the Job/Task history window. Maybe the developers can fix this.

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