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Rethinking 2009 IT Priorities: Are You Doing What's Easy? Or What's Right?

Created: 08 Jan 2009 • Updated: 02 Apr 2009
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The drop heard around the world is prompting a shift in IT priorities. The economic crisis is agnostic of geographies and industries; no sector is insulated.

Despite the crisis, however, for those who understand how to negotiate their challenges, there are some key opportunities. In a study titled "Avoiding Mistakes in an Economic Crisis: Executive Guidance in 2009, the Corporate Executive Board pinpoints five imperatives to which IT organizations should adhere in order to leverage these opportunities:

  1. Improve Cost Discipline
  2. Protect Growth Initiatives
  3. Leverage Your Financial Strengths
  4. Exploit Risk Opportunities
  5. Make Critical Talent Plays

The report is available for free at

For its recently launched Online Extras site, CIO Digest had an opportunity to consult with several Symantec partners and customers; Skip King, the principal and corporate officer at The Alchemy Solutions Group; and Dr. Jay Shankavaram, the managing director in the IT practice at the Corporate Executive Board about their thoughts on the current economic crisis and IT priorities in 2009. All of the different thought leaders interviewed for this article concurred that adding and creating business value should be front and center for IT organizations; those who continue to think in terms of "order-taking" and "execution" will struggle to find their way in the new economic order.

For more details, readers will want to check out "Rethinking 2009 IT Priorites: Are you doing what's easy? Or what's right?" by frequent CIO Digest contributor Alan Drummer.