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Rethinking Enterprise Backup

Created: 05 Feb 2012
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The State of Enterprise Backup

According to IDC, the volume of digital content is expected to grow to 2.7 zettabytes (ZB) in 2012. That's a 48 percent increase from 2011.

And while information volumes are skyrocketing, our customers' IT budgets are not keeping pace.  In fact, in many cases they may be shrinking this year.  Today's on-demand mentality and 24/7 business model also means their users want instant access to their data and applications. 

Our customers are under tremendous pressure to protect more information with fewer resources, while meeting tighter SLAs.  In fact, a recent Symantec survey of more than 1,400 IT professionals worldwide found that49 percent of respondents could not meet SLAs due to too much data.

Virtualization is also creating new complexity and additional data volume.  As the adoption of virtualization continues to accelerate, organizations have amassed large sets of disparate point products for physical and virtual backup.  This is only increasing cost and creating complexity.

A New Approach 

It’s clear that customers of all sizes – from large enterprises to small businesses – need Better Backup and a solution that addresses their issues holistically.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve Better Backup, with an integrated approach that will significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with backup and recovery. 

In fact, our goal is to drive out up to 80 percent of the operational expenses of backup and recovery over the next 5 years. To realize this goal, we're innovating to enable our solutions to handle the disruption caused by things like big data, virtualization and an increasingly on-demand workplace.

Better Backup Is: Controlling Data Growth

Gartner estimates that approximately 70 percent of corporate data is duplicate and hasn’t been accessed in more than 90 days.  Storing this data will only increase storage utilization and costs unnecessarily.

To triumph over data growth, our customers must be able to protect more, yet store less.  The key is deduplication everywhere: in your backups, in the archive, and across physical and virtual environments.

Symantec was the first vendor to introduce Deduplication Everywhere– from source to target.

Better backup also means that our customers must be able to delete confidently to combat excessive data growth, drive down their costs and shrink backup windows.  Just remember, infinite retention means infinite waste.

We've also added some very cool new backup search capabilities in NetBackup to help customers separate what is relevant to legal or compliance investigations, while keeping the rest of the backup infrastructure running normally.

With the innovations in our 2012 solutions, Symantec will break the backup window with 100 times faster backup compared to traditional approaches. 

Better Backup Is: Unified Platforms

The evolution of backup in response to the information explosion and virtualization has resulted in multiple tools that manage and protect applications and data in virtual and physical environments. 

Organizations today have an average of 7 different tools for backup across both physical and virtual, which has resulted in a tremendous amount of added complexity.

Unifying physical and virtual platforms is a critical component of Better Backup.  The bottom line is that point solutions only add complexity and additional management costs. 

Our patent-pending V-Ray technology provides unmatched visibility and control in both physical and virtual environments to help our customers eliminate the cost and complexity associated with managing multiple products for virtual and physical infrastructures. 

Better Backup Is: Simple

The final step to achieving better backup is to simplify.

Whether you're working with a global retailer or a local bank, backup management shouldn't be complex.   Better Backup is intuitive and easy to manage.  We believe that it is possible to have recoverability without complexity. 

We are eliminating that complexity by simplifying our user interface, our policies and our licensing.  We're utilizing insights from millions of users to ensure our 2012 products are simpler and more easy to use than ever before. 

Better Backup for All

The job of protecting a company's information is more serious than ever.   And our solutions are just as serious. 

With close to 2 million businesses worldwide trusting in Symantec's backup and recovery products, we believe it is our responsibility to rethink protection for the information that is so critical to our customers' businesses. 

You can learn more about the launch of our 2012 backup and recovery products, as well as our commitment to achieving Better Backup For All at: