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Rethinking Your Approach to Backup

Created: 07 May 2012
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Nearly two years ago, an analyst at Gartner said that the industry was facing what he called “The Broken State of Backup.” Backup has been around for more than a half of a century and is an essential task for a majority of organizations. Companies can’t afford to go without backing up their data and systems. Yet the analyst wrote that “the perceived level of cost and complexity [of backup] is rising dramatically.”

The information explosion, the emergence of virtualization, and increasing demands for 24/7 access to data have contributed to rising cost and complexity. A Symantec survey of 1,400 IT professionals showed a fragmented world of backup solutions with organizations averaging up to seven different solutions.  49 percent of respondents couldn’t meet their service level agreements because of too much data.  Seventy-two percent of respondents would switch backup products if speed doubled. Wow.

As the market-share leader in backup, Symantec is uniquely equipped to help companies achieve better backup.  In February of this year we launched our Better Backup initiative to tackle these challenges, which included new versions of our flagship products NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012.  Our goal is to help customers drive up to 80 percent of the operating expense associated with backup out of the environment over the next five years.

Today we deliver another important pillar to our Better Backup initiative – new releases of our Backup Exec 3600 and NetBackup 5220 appliances.  In the past, it may have made sense to build, deploy and maintain your own backup severs, but in today’s IT world, backup appliances can help reduce complexity, costs, and risks.  In fact, for many enterprise customers today, backup appliances are more synonymous with deduplication appliances, not completely integrated ones.  Deduplication appliances certainly play a role in helping customers manage the information explosion, but we’ve always advocated tighter integration between backup storage and software. We started with the introduction of our OpenStorage program many years ago.  Today our integrated appliance approach lets customers tap into end-to-end deduplication and other powerful features to realize not only storage savings – but to also eliminate the infrastructure tax of traditional backup approaches.  Now we’ve gone a step further with updates to the NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600.

These appliances ship with the latest backup software from Symantec which means customers can get on the path to Better Backup more quickly and with less risk. From the new user interface and hardware free disaster recovery features in Backup Exec to NetBackup Accelerator and Symantec V-Ray. Our purpose-built backup appliances are engineered and tuned to maximize customer investment and come equipped with additional value-added components like Symantec Critical System Protection and WAN Optimization (NetBackup 5220).

Customer and partner feedback on our appliance strategy has been positive, consistent, and loud.  That’s why we expanded the number of countries where we ship NetBackup and Backup Exec appliances last year. 

Of course, our appliances are powered by software, the heart and soul of what we do. But our appliance delivery model offers a compelling alternative that can reduce costs and risk. More importantly, you can use both software and appliances at any time.

We are helping customers fix the broken state of backup, and delivering better backup for all!

Tell us if you’ve heard about our appliances, or for more information on Symantec’s Backup Appliances, visit, or