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Packaging Java Versions

Created: 23 Aug 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 4 comments
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Last week I was in Connecticut visiting a company that has several Connect members. I was invited to create a package with an Internet Explorer that needed a special Java version.

The image the customer used had Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Java version 1.5-15 installed for their application.

The customer wanted to upgrade the Java version to 1.6 because some applications needed that.

How I solved the problem:

  • I uninstalled the Java version 1.5-15 local installed.
  • Then I created an SVS package with that Java version.
  • Inside the package I created a folder named c:\program files\passport explorer. Inside that folder I copied the standard iexplorer.exe.
  • Then I created a desktop shortcut from that iexplorer with the site name in the shortcut target path.
  • Then I installed the new Java version locally on the system.
  • After starting the new application in the task bar the new Java version showed up.
  • Then I clicked the shortcut I created.

The application worked and it used the old java version it should use.

15 minutes of work and a very satisfied customer...

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I used your idea and it works great.  But I don't want the address bar on the window that opens so that the user doesn't try to use it for anything else.  I found this script:

Dim objIE

Set objIE = WScript.CreateObject ("InternetExplorer.Application")

ObjIE.Toolbar = false

objIE.Navigate ""

objIE.Visible = true


Does anyone know how I can incorporate the two ideas?  Running iexplore.exe from the layer using this script. 

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open the shortcut in the layer and start iexplore.exe -k
give the site you want in the parameters section.
that will do the job

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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Or take a look at this site.
it explains more then only the script.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

If your issue has been solved, Please mark it as solved

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I'm in the situation where we need to run IE9 with Java 1.5_21 to access a certain site.  This only works if no other version of Java is installed.  I have tried to copy your example above, I'm quite new to all of this so I might have done it incorrectly, anyway IE when run from the shortcut still runs the later version that is locally installed.  Should your example work in my senario?  just want to make sure before I start flogging a dead horse.

Any advice would be appricated.


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