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Russian Spammers Seek You At…

Created: 28 Jan 2009 17:49:49 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:37:50 GMT
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During the past few days we have observed a rise in Russian spam that is offering various local trade services at cheap rates. Instead of using the old standby methods, they are spamming out telephone and ICQ numbers in their ads rather than redirecting email recipients to malicious websites, as is usually seen with spam related to pharmacy or watch replicas, for example.

The interesting concept of this spam lies in the simplicity of the localized services offered. For example, the majority of these spam emails consist of ads for everything from audio books to real estate, from personalized accounting services to the installation of auto glass. For these types of services, it may be that maintaining a dedicated website can be costly and unnecessary. Also, this may be an effort to move away from embedding URLs in emails because anti-spam filters commonly block such messages.

The primary action required for the recipients of these spam messages is to call a telephone or ICQ number. It is not uncommon for Russian spammers to use these numbers as their preferred method of contact.

These emails may also use text obfuscation by inserting unnecessary special symbols between the numbers mentioned in these messages, which may be another attempt to evade spam filters. These emails may arrive either in plain text or HTML formats. We are keeping a close watch on this trend and will ensure that these messages stay out of your inbox.


Below are some example images of these spam messages:




Do you need Clean Fast and high-quality wall plastering or floor leveling service?

Our ORGANIZATION will do professionally cheaper and quicker following jobs:
• interior plastering;
• exterior plastering;
• floor leveling;
• floor foundations

Tel. (495) 626 * 19 * 24 -25
(495) 626 * 19 * 53
(495) 925 * 11 * 21




All type of
Auto glass
at affordable prices!
onsite service!
Glass for passenger cars and jeeps- from 1800 rub. Installation from 1000 rubles.
Glass for vans and tracks from 4000 rubles. Installation from 2000 rubles.
Tel: 8-901-546-77-85
ICQ: 194-229-696
ICQ: 344-554-095
ICQ: 367-949-756
ICQ: 385-332-811













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