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Safari 4 Beta Keeps You Green

Created: 25 Feb 2009 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Apple has made their Safari 4 beta publicly available for download. As one would expect, the new version of the popular browser has improved support for EV SSL and the green address bar. This is great news as Safari has become more widely used, capturing over 8% of browser market share worldwide according to the latest figures from Hitlinks' Market Share.

Tim posted on the Safari beta release yesterday, along with some initial reactions from a Safari user. Adding some artwork, here are screenshots of how EV SSL shines in the upcoming release.

Green Address Bar is More Visible

The EV green address bar is very visible, showing the organization boldly in green. Clicking on the organization name brings up the details of the SSL certificate.

Safari 4 Beta 2.png

Long URLs Do Not Hide Your Organization

For long URLs that go beyond the available address bar space, the Safari 4.0 beta offers a nice visual display. The URLs is tucked underneath the organization name in the green address bar. So your name and the trust associated with EV's green address bar are not obscured.

Safari 4 Beta 3.png

The Lock is in the Title

One key visual element that has changed for all SSL certificates is the location of the "lock." You will notice that the lock is now in the title bar, just to the left of the title.

Safari 4 Beta 1.PNG

I'm a PC

Safari 4 for Windows also has a beta version available. Here is a screenshot of how EV SSL is displayed in the Windows version.

Safari 4 Beta 4.png