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Safe Surfing with the Green Bar

Created: 11 Oct 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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When your mobile or web browser address bar turns green it’s a clear sign that you can complete a transaction, or fill out an online form with confidence. The green address bar indicate that you’re on a site that has an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, a measure increasingly used by organizations to provide reassurance to customers who are wary of sharing personal information online. Sites protected by an EV certificate must pass the industry’s most stringent standards for identity validation and if the certificate is from Symantec it also protects you from malware, as these sites are scanned daily for infection.

To receive  an EV certificate, an organization  not only has to demonstrate secure encryption methods but also pass rigorous checks based on the highest industry standards to prove that it is a legitimate company, including: 

  • It has been in business at least three years
  • The organization is the legal owner of the website that you’re visiting
  • Its address and telephone number are verified by a third party outside the requestor and Symantec Corporation
  • The organization’s contact employee must be confirmed within their own company by HR or a manager

The certification details, including the registered owner of the site and the name of the certificate authority providing the EV certificate, can be seen by clicking on the padlock in many browsers. The green bar, or green tab in Safari, is an easy visual way to check that you are on a website that has been confirmed by a certificate authority that they are who they say they are.

As we continue to spend more of our time, more of our money, and share more about ourselves online – it is critical that consumers are security savvy. Identifying the tell-tale signs of a secure website are just as important as knowing where to go for the best online deal.  While EV certification can’t guarantee that you’ll love the shoes you buy online or that you’ll be happy with the interest rate offered by your bank, it’s a great way to guarantee peace of mind about the safety of your personal information.

To test your knowledge of safe surfing, play our game at:

To find out more about EV certificates visit our website: