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Safe Surfing for Sports Season

Created: 28 Aug 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

It’s a great time for sports fans, with the summer Olympics still fresh in our minds, the NFL season kicking off, and hockey and basketball just around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s also a great time for cyber criminals who take advantage of the excitement to steal valuable personal information.

A common approach, known as “phishing,” uses phony emails that inform fans they have won the “NFL Lottery” or can purchase discounted tickets. These emails often contain links to websites that look genuine but are designed to trick users into providing login and password details. Some also include attachments that can download nasty computer viruses.

As scammers grow more sophisticated, users have to up their defensive game. Here are some tips to help protect against phishing attacks:

  1. Never click on links or open attachments in unsolicited emails.
  2. Avoid sharing personal information via email forms.
  3. Be wary of official looking logos in emails – these are easily faked. And if a financial transaction is involved, always type in the site address manually.
  4. Before providing personal information online, look at the address bar in your browser to ensure that the address or padlock symbol is in green, and/or that the page address starts with “https” (the “s” stands for secure.)
  5. Look for well-known trust marks on webpages, including the Norton Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet.

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