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Say No to Data Center In-Securities!

Created: 02 May 2014 • Updated: 02 May 2014
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A new report from the Ponemon Institute, “Exposing the Cybersecurity Cracks: A Global Perspective,” concludes that global security professionals find themselves “deficient, disconnected, and in the dark” in combating cyber threats.

Despite the fatalistic tone in this report, I don’t believe that as security pros, you are the type who would just shrug your shoulders, say “cie la vie”, continue with business-as-usual, and hope for the best. As security professionals, you are excellent at problem solving and thrive at these challenges! You are probably in the midst of figuring out strategies or executing plans to address these deficiencies and remove these feelings of “security inadequacies”.  Many of you are multi-taskers, shoring up your organization’s security and risk management capabilities; at the same time, executing transformative activities such as migrating applications to a software-defined environment. 

At Symantec, we continue to develop solutions to help you secure your agile data center and proactively engage cyber security threats.  Vision 2014, which is coming up in less than three days, offers up focused, relevant content and activities so that you are more confident about your organizations capabilities to navigate the security landscape and facilitate operational alignment across security, IT operations, compliance, and business functions.  If you are interested in solutions for the data center, we encourage to visit the Experience Zone and attend the sessions under the following themes:

  • Transform: Enabling the Agile Data Center
  • Know: Embracing Proactive Cyber Security

Here is a list of data center security focused sessions that you may find relevant.

Monday, May 5

  • Session 1403- Case Studies: Safeguarding Critical Business Data and Maintaining Compliance in the Modern Data Center
  • Lab 1366- Optimize Security and Compliance Assessments with CCS

Tuesday, May 6

  • Session 1518- Best Practices in Virtualization & Cloud Security with Symantec
  • Session 1640- Roadmap: The Evolution of Data Center Security, Risk and Compliance
  • Lab 1800- Dissecting a Cyber Attack Using a Simulation
  • Lab 1380- Enhancing Data Center Security with VMware NSX
  • Lab 1283: How to Use CCS to Proactively Manage Risk

Wednesday, May 7

  • Lab 1381- Enhance Asset Discovery and SCAP 1.2 Compliance for Continuous Monitoring with CCS Standards Manager

Thursday, May 8

  • Lab 1396- Implementing Data Center Security: Server and Server Advanced
  • Lab 1800- Dissecting a Cyber Attack Using a Simulation
  • Session 1641- Customer Deep Dive: Securing the Modern Data Center

Please visit the Vision browse and search page:  for the abstract and detailed information regarding all Symantec sessions from May 5-8.  We are looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.