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Schedule SLP for deactivation

Created: 09 Nov 2011 • 2 comments
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Duplication by SLP is not something you can schedule from the console.

I will propose here two ways to workaround this matter Symantec didn't provide a tool for : one quite well known, and a new one, more elegant but also more discrete.

First Method - scripting

You can deactivate/reactivate SLP duplication operations by scripting the command line :

nbstlutil active -lifecycle <SLP_mySLP> | -backupid <This_backupid>

nbstlutil inactive -lifecycle <SLP_mySLP> | -backupid <This_backupid>

Getting the list of the SLP policies is just a question of nbstlutil list command, while working with the backupid can be more tricky if you want an automized solution.

There you will be able to deactivate all you SLP at night by a cron, a windows task, controleM or $Universe, whatever method is your favorite.

The session_notify and end_session_notify script may help organize the duplication moment too, but duplication by SLP is part of a session, so that would be tricky to organize. I'd really prefer to play with fixed time.

Second Method - file modification (and some maths too)

Edit the policy files that defined the SLP schedule !

Yes, these files exist, just as for any backup policy, and they do respect the same syntax.

After creating a SLP from the Console, you will find a folder for that policy under :



C:\program files\veritas\netbackup\db\class_internal

The folder named SLP_mypolicy contains the tree schedule/Open/ and the file days

# cat /usr/openv/netbackup/db/class_internal/SLP_OSTtoVTL/schedule/Open/days
0 0 86400
1 0 86400
2 62652 23748
3 0 86400
4 0 86400
5 0 86400
6 0 86400

Here, as you can see, from Sunday (day 0 of the week) 00:00 (0) and for the next 24 hours (86400 seconds) the SLP is active.

This is the default for each day of the week.

You can see that I have modified :
Tuesday schedule, to let the SLP run only
between 17:24:12 (62652 seconds after midnight) and
untill midnight (23748 seconds later).

Easy math to do, I can organize my SLP sessions like I want.

And, by the way, editing the SLP in the Console by adding new destinations will not reset this file to its original value.

Of course I prefer the 2nd method, even if it does not, and will never appear in the console. But nor the scripting methd would.

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Thanks!! I just applied the second method on a couple of SLPs and will monitor them to make sure the changes are in effect.

If you want to skip the calculation or design a more complicated schedule easily, you could create the schedule you want using the Console on any of your existing policies then just copy the results to the SLP and delete the schedule you created.

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Great article. Thanks for sharing.

However, I have been trying to use the days file method and it is not working for me. Have you tried it in NBU 7.5.0.x? Do I have to restart NBU services after modifying the file? If the asnwer is yes, all of them or it is enough with nbstserv?



Un saludo / Kind regards,


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