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Security in the Cloud

Created: 01 Mar 2012 • Updated: 01 Mar 2012 • 1 comment
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It’s no secret that information is the prize in today’s war between businesses and cybercriminals. And just when organizations had come to terms with the fortress-style protection needed to keep information safe within the corporate walls, technology evolved to include virtualization and cloud. These advances provide increased business flexibility, improved scalability and can create significant cost savings, but they also increase your exposure to outside threats and therefore drive up risk. And, as if to make matters worse your InfoSec team has to figure out how to keep corporate data safe when it is being accessed out of the office on mobile devices, as well as ensuring the security of the virtualized data center which is highly dynamic in nature.

Symantec is teaming up with the leading virtualization provider VMware, to address some of the most pressing security issues affecting businesses globally as they take the step to virtualize more business critical workloads. By working together, Symantec and VMware believe we address several key challenges, including the following:

  • Data loss prevention – A critical part of securing information is understanding exactly where it resides, and then to implement effective controls such as partitioning or encryption. The integration of Symantec DLP with vSphere and vShield enable controls to be applied in real time in a way that they could not in a physical environment.
  • Infrastructure hardening – The virtualized infrastructure needs to be hardened as VMware have defined in their hardening guides, and Symantec provides the technology to both provide these controls through solutions such as Critical Server Protection and DLP but also to ensure the compliance to these standards with Control Compliance Suite. Combining these technologies with vShield Endpoint and Edge enables fine-grained controls to be implemented into the virtual fabric.
  • Reducing compliance deficiencies – In the virtualized world things move fast.  A virtual machine may only exist for a few hours or even minutes.  Ensuring that it is compliant with your organizations policies and being aware of any risks that it possesses is critical.
  • Integrated threat intelligence – You need to be able to deal with threats across physical and virtual systems, so you should have a centralized point to examine all suspicious activity. Working with VMware we have extended the logging capabilities of vShield and enabled support within our SSIM and Managed Security Services offerings.
  • Protecting endpoints – Even virtual machines need to be protected, and with the rise in take up of VDI the need for less in guest processing becomes increasingly important.  We have made some significant advances in this area with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 by using Insight Technology – where much of the processing is not just taken out of the guest but out of the entire environment and transferred to our cloud based big data analytics solution that continuously computes file reputation data. We are working with VMware to produce yet more innovation in this area as part of vShield Endpoint.

By combining Symantec’s security knowledge with VMware’s virtualization expertise, we are working to bring you comprehensive solutions to security concerns as you embrace virtualization. With confidence in your security posture, you’ll be ready to accelerate your movement to virtualized infrastructure.

For more information on our work with VMware, read the announcement found at:

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Clous security nowadays is very important..

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