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Security Solutions Contest - Be King For a Week!

Created: 08 Sep 2010 • Updated: 31 Mar 2011
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Here's your chance to be "King for a Week" with our new Security Solutions Contest! 

What Is the Security Solutions Contest?
It's all about solving end user questions in the forums area.  We created this contest to help increase the total number of solutions on the Security Community.  We are going to select threads we'd like you to solve, and give you an opportunity to win a weekly prize. Yes, I said "weekly!"  Keep reading to find out more about the prize!

How Do I Participate?
First, if you want to play, pull out your dust-ridden, coffee stained endpoint protection & related security product manuals, re-read all the latest and greatest knowledge base articles, and put your thinking-caps on! 

Why?  Because to be the "King for a Week" in this contest, you need to be able to solve popular forum threads that will be hand selected by product management, the Connect-TSE team and myself.  

How Does the Contest Work?

  1. Contest will commence on Monday, August 30th.
    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning between 9:00am - 11:00am (PDT), a forum thread from the Security Community will be selected (it may be from SEP 11, SEP 12, SPS, etc).
  2. The thread-to-be-solved  will be listed on this blog as part of the "weekly featured threads."  We will also highlight the thread(s) on the main "Featured Discussions" page found here: (must be logged in to view updated list).  Lastly, you'll want to subscribe to this forum thread to get the weekly updates.
  3. Do your research, and submit your comment as the possible solution.  That's it!  The solution may be selected by either the user who created the thread, or by our product management / TSE team.

How Do I Win?
Simply solve the most threads each week, or throughout the contest timeline (contest will end in October). A winner will be selected every week (assuming the threads receive a reasonable solution!

If you don't win the Flip Ultra Cam at the end of a particular  week, you'll still be entered to win at the end of the contest. 

So, Get Involved & Stay Involved if you want to win!

Last week of the contest!  Monday's new threads below.  No new threads for Wednesday or Friday - try and solve threads from the contest for triple points this week + a chance to win the last remaining flip Ultra Cam:


Week 5 & 6 Being Combined!  Congrats to Rafeeq and Bekir for winning weeks 5 and 6!


** [solved by J.Bonner]  [solved by Prachand]


Week 4 threads:  [Solved by peter the big fix] [solved by Vikram] [solved by postechgeek]   [solved by Fatih]




Week 2 Threads:

Congrats to AravindKM for his contributions! [solved by Prachand] [solved by Vishal] [solved by Prachand]   [solved by MushaUa]

Week 1 Threads 

Winner and King for a Week # 1  is Prachand - Congrats!   [solved]
     [solved]  [solved]   [solved]
  [solved]   [solved by AravindKM]

 Please note: Comments are turned off for this blog, so please PM me if you have any questions.  Additionally, Symantec PM and TSE team are not eligible for this contest.

Good Luck!