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SEE FDE “FlexChoice” to SDE

Created: 10 Jun 2013 • Updated: 01 Jul 2013 • 1 comment
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You Have Choices
On July 1, 2013, Symantec will officially announce that all customers with active maintenance for Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Edition (SEE FDE) will automatically have their licenses migrated to our new FlexChoice Disk Encryption license.

Essentially, we are replacing the current SKU for SEE FDE with a new SKU.  This new SKU entitles customers with the ability to choose which disk encryption product you wish to use. You can simply continue to use your SEE FDE product, or you can use the Symantec Drive Encryption, Powered by PGP Technology (SDE) product.  Or, you can use a combination of the two.  

We are NOT discontinuing/end-of-life’ing SEE FDE. I cannot emphasize this enough.  The SEE FDE product will continue to be supported and available for purchase.  We simply are offering more flexibility to our customers to choose whichever product they wish to use for their drive encryption needs, SEE FDE or SDE, as these products offer different benefits.  

Around July 1, 2013, customers with active maintenance of SEE FDE will receive an email notification from Symantec informing them of the license SKU replacement.  If customers previously provided Symantec with a current email address, the notification will automatically be sent via email.  If not, a notification will be sent via postal mail to the customers address on record.  

A FAQ will be available on July 1 with more detailed information on how to receive a new license and software should you choose to use SDE.  Please check this blog on July 1st for a link to the FAQ.

Edit:  FAQ has been posted in the Knowledge Base.  Please click here to connect to the KB article. 

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Important notice:  The PGP software provided with SYMC DRIVE AND REMOVABLE STORAGE ENCRP FLEXCHOICE W ENCRP SRV LTD BY PGP 1.3 PER DEVICE BNDL STD LIC is licensed through Encryptioin Server, not standalone.

The Symantec Drive Encryption, Powered by PGP Technology (SDE) is not provided, rather SYMC DRIVE ENCRYPTION WITH ENCRYPTION SRVR BY PGP 10.3.  The software and license key provided is for a managed environment only (hence, the 3.3 name of the software available through Symantec's File Connect).

Any further clarification should be sought through Product Management and Licensing Version Upgrade teams.

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