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Separating Client and Servers at PXE boot time

Created: 08 Aug 2006 • Updated: 20 Jul 2007
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If one manages both clients and servers on separate DSs, it's nice to have a way of splitting them to point to their respective management servers - (Servers to Server DS and Clients to Client DS) - before bootworks actually first tries to update the record on the DS.

This can be achieved on HP hardware by running an OS utility called HPSMBIOS.EXE, triggered by autoexec.bat.

This utility give details on the hardware type from the BIOS. Based on the hardware type, one can then add a section in autoexec.bat instructing bootworks to point to a different DS for that hardware and, voila, separate servers and clients without untidy records left in the original PXE server.
I think... ;)

The download also includes a Readme.txt file.

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