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SEPM Monitor

Created: 27 Apr 2009 • 3 comments
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Have anyone seen this in SEPM 11 MR4. We cant see any Monitors.

Action Viruses Security Risks
Cleaned 0 0
Suspicious 0 0
Blocked 0 0
Quarantined 0 0
Deleted 0 0
Newly Infected 0 0
Still Infected 0

This never updates

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Clients not reporting their logs? Check first the connection to and from the clients (choose a few) and if the ports are opened.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

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 Clear case of communication issues in this. Are your clients manaed first.  Are policies being pushed for management. Thirdly is file and print sharing on along with  appropriate ports across LAN/WAN open for communication.

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Well there are indeed alot of possibilites for your issue. Some of the preliminary questions that come to mind that I would focus on...

1. How many endpoints do you have? Is it possible that you simply don't have any infections? 
2. How was SEP rolled out to the endpoints? 
3. Are you sure the clients are reporting in (as identified in some of the posts above)?

Some things to check...

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