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ServiceDesk 7: Solving "Thread was being aborted" error in email monitor project

Created: 28 Jun 2011 • 3 comments
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Sometimes incoming emails are not processed correctly by ServiceDesk 7 and error messages stating: "Thread was being aborted" appears in sd 7 logs.

Cause: By default email monitor project when deployed to iis works 90 seconds and then terminates.

Solution: You should increase the timeout of the Email monitor webservice. In order to do that in email monitor project go to "Resources" tab and find web.config file. Open it for edit and add the string: httpRuntime executionTimeout="number of seconds" and then deploy the project. We increased the timeout up to 100 minutes so our string looked like: httpRuntime executionTimeout="6000". After that the error disappeared.

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Rob Moore's picture

In the web config file, where exatcly did you put this string, and what are the delimeters?

I believe it needs to go right after the <system.web> and it should end with a /> (no space required) like so:

 <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300"/>

is this correct?



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bold's picture

Yes, Rob, you are absolutely right!

I could not write in correct notation - some security settings trimmed the string and removed the < ,and > symbols.

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André Florencio's picture


I found the same problem in version 7.5 of Workflow. The exception found time was 2 minutes for a flow-type monitor. As stated just used the syntax in web.config: 

  <httpRuntime executionTimeout="1200"/> 

Interesting to share the monitor will not run again before its previous run is completed. 

Congratulations on posting Bold. 


André Florencio

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