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ServiceDesk 7.5 Webinar January 24 - Now On Demand

Created: 21 Jan 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 • 5 comments
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This webinar discusses the new features and capabilities for configuration now available with ServiceDesk 7.5 for quick, effective remediation of end-user incidents, system problems and change management.

Topics / Agenda:

Incident Classification
Service Queues and Routing Rules
SLA Management
Automated Notifications
Best Practices

Webcast duration 47 minutes

Access the prerecorded webcast here:

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The last 10-15 minutes was helpful in getting insight into the rules process. However, as I have said before as with all the Symantec's products we use - there is no roadmap. Yes, it pointed to the videos, but you get to a couple of them that are important steps, and they are too blurry to see what they are doing or to follow along. This video - it skipped horribly when showing where he was going to get to the spots. We have asked for a step by step guide or a roadmap, and were immediately pointed to the service manual (where you are jumping from page 33 to 500 to 32 to 33 to 149 to 148 to 370, and then have to remember where you were to begin with)(fake page numbers by the way, but that's how it feels), and the videos mentioned in this webinar (which like I said, skip steps on how they got to that point or are incoherent due to quality. In my opinion there needs to be a roadmap with how to get to each step, and also a map of what points to where (for example, we had to hunt where to mark a user as VIP. It also mentioned importing groups from AD, but nowhere is it shown how to do this. Where do you set up what queue the created ticket goes to?) Although a few questions were answered, we now have a ton more and are still questioning where exactly to start and go from the installation; this means a lot more reading and sticky notes to keep track of where we were in the manual. If you want a big way to cut down on installation time, again IMO, start there with a roadmap of some sort and get the manual in a step by step order without jumping around.

It also concerns me that SD 7.5 has been out for only a couple months and development is already working on a new version (Apollo)? That doesn't make me feel confident about this product that is released. I'm hoping that its not something we're getting into only to hear a lot of "it'll be fixed in the next version" or "here's a workaround... I know its not very handy, but its the only way to do that for it to work even though its documented to work the way you're asking" from support.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.  We are constantly striving to improve our products and documentation. It looks like you put a lot thought and effort into your comments and I would like to address each concern to the best of my ability:
  1. Documentation Roadmap (Work Instructions): ServiceDesk is a very flexible product, with a wide variety of configuration options.  In terms of a 'roadmap' I would suggest that you start with Section 4 of the ServiceDesk 7.5 Instillation Guide (  Table 9-1 starting on page 156 is a great overview map to the various configuration options available in ServiceDesk 7.5. I think this table will provide what you are looking for in a 'configuration roadmap'.  For most customers, the table is laid out in a linear order, beginning with our suggested steps to take first, second, third and so on.   We understand that not all configuration options will be utilized by all customers, and that some customers may go through these configuration steps in a different order to better suit their needs.  
  2. Linking between pages in guides: I understand your concern about having to link back and forth between pages in the ServiceDesk guides, but there are a couple very good reasons that we include links to other pages in our guides.   First, table 9-1 referenced above is a good example.  Table 9-1 covers the 20 or so confirmation steps at a high level.  The detail for those 20 or so steps are spelled out over the next 100 pages of the guide.  Adding links helps that table act as a 'roadmap' helping the user navigate to the relevant portion of the configuration step. In addition, without those links it would be nearly unusable for a reader who wanted to find more information on a single item in that table without needing to scroll though 100s of pages until they found the specific page the needed.  Secondly, ServiceDesk, like many enterprise level applications have features that interrelate with several other features.  Most features have their own section and by linking from one section to another, we prevent the need to repeat the same information over and over again where ever that information is relevant.  As several features in SD inter-relate, our guide would be 4-5 times as long.  
  3. Video Content: In addition to completely rewriting the ServiceDesk 7.5 Implementation guide, we decided to create a series of enablement videos that are primarily used to supplement the written guides.  We have received great feedback on most of the 15 or so videos available on Connect, the general feedback has been so positive that we intend continue this practice in the future.  The drawback of both the videos and the guides is that there are so many potential configuration options (there are a calculated 49,896 different potential combinations for just the Incident Management Rulesets) that we tried to keep our videos a bit more generic; it is impossible to document every possible configuration option in videos - it would take years just to watch them all.  If anyone has suggested videos that they would like to see made, please feel free to email me and we will look into creating them. 
  4. Future releases: You stated that you are concerned that we are already working on our next release, even though ServiceDesk 7.5 has only been out a couple of months.  Let me start by saying that ServiceDesk 7.5 is far and away the best ServiceDesk release to date, we have every confidence in this release and we have had tremendous feedback from customers and partners. If you are interested please read a review of SD 7.5 by a partner in the US ( The process of starting development immediately on the next release is standard practice in the software industry for every software product from every software vendor.   ServiceDesk has a multi-year/multi-release roadmap, and we have a development schedule tied to our long term roadmap. One of the best aspects of the ServiceDesk 7.5 release is the ability for in-place upgrades to future releases that will carry forward your configurations, so we advise all HelpDesk and ServiceDesk customers to move to ServiceDesk 7.5 and be in a better postion to take advantage of new features in future releases.  

Thank you again for your feedback, I hope this answered some of your concerns.  If you have additional concerns please feel free to send me a note on Connect.

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Are the  15 7.5 ServiceDesk videos, mentioned above, avaialble today?  If so, where are they?


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Here is the direct link to the SD 7. Videos:

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That's the page I was looking fo. As an fyi you can use the link below to find all the Endpoint Management videos, including ServiceDesk..

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