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Servicedesk Licensing Error Messages - Various Troubleshooting Suggestions

Created: 16 Dec 2009 • Updated: 16 Dec 2009 • 1 comment
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After successfully installing ServiceDesk 7.0, and passing thru the evaluation time frame, or after applying a production-type license, the following error has been observed.

Error 1:

"License does not allow use of web part [SearchTextPortalWebPart] 

What are some suggested ideas to troubleshoot  this problem, since it makes using ServiceDesk impossible?

1. On the ServiceDesk Server, open up the Notification Server Credentials tool on the ServiceDesk server, and verify that the connectivity test for the Notification Server is successful.
       a.  If not, add the correct credentials and retry.  Suggested credential to use the the Altiris Application Identity (APPID) account.  This account should be a member of the local administrators group on the Symantec Management Platform Server (NS).
2. On the Servicedesk Server, open up the License Status Manager and check that there are ServiceDesk licenses with valid expiration dates appearing on  the Application Licenses tab
       a. If not, verify that licenses have been applied in SIM (Symantec Installation Manager), on the SMP server.
3.   Verify that the account whose credentials were used in the Notification Server Credentials tool is in the Symantec Administrators role on the Notification Server.

4.  Using the License Removal Tool on the Symantec Management Platform server, found at ...\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\bin\Tools\RemoveLicenses.exe, remove all of the ServiceDesk-related licenses.  Then, using the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM), re-apply only the production-type licenses.  DO NOT re-apply any of the evaluation licenses.

These steps nearly always resolve any licensing concerns.

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We were still having licensing errors and after checking all of the above items, BRING helped us by changing the extension for the following file:


\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Server Extensions\Plugins\SD.Licensing.dll.old


\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Server Extensions\Plugins\SD.Licensing.dll

Thanks BRING!!

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