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Netting Out NetBackup

Setting and getting exclude/include lists without bpgp

Created: 23 May 2008 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 • 7 comments
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There was a lot of excitement generated by my bpgp comments a few weeks ago.

I took your concerns seriously and investigated some options for managing the include and exclude lists.

Although we’re not bringing bpgp back we have extended bpgetconfig and bpsetconfig to be able to manage the include and exclude lists remotely for all client operating systems.

bpgetconfig -i "filename" "host" ["class" ["schedule"]]

bpgetconfig -e "filename" "host" ["class" ["schedule"]]

bpsetconfig [-h "host"] [-u "user"] ["file" ...] [-i|-e "file" [-c "class" [-s "schedule"]]]

bpsetconfig [-h “host”] [-u “user”] [“file” …] [-e “file” [-c “class” [-s “schedule”]]]

Example usage:

Say you have an exclude list called “exclude.txt”, which contains the following text.


You would then run the following command to update the configuration for a host names example123.

bpsetconfig –h –e exclude.txt

If you want to retrieve the exclude list simply run it like this.

Bpgetconfig –e exclude.txt

Do the same thing for include lists but use a “bpsetconfig –i”.

I expect this to be included in the next set of patches. If you need it sooner it should be available in the form of an EEB within the next couple of days. The patch consists of a new bpcd and bpsetconfig/bpgetconfig pair.

On a related topic, bprsh is also on the short list of things to remove in a future release. Why you ask? It comes down to a couple of issues. First, NBU is not intended as a tool for remote administration of hosts. Secondly, most corporations have procedures and policies in place in order to track and audit the activities they expect their administrators to be performing, tools like sudo or “runas”. NBU is intended to backup and restore data on hosts, it's not expected or intentionally designed to be used as a tool for remote host administration. What you and others are doing with bpgp, bpdir & bprsh (with the noted exception of include and exclude lists) is taking advantage of the capabilities of NetBackup to work around IT practices that prevent you from efficiently doing your job.

As always, keep the feedback coming.

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CY's picture

I am really glad to hear that bpgetconfig and bpsetconfig are extended to manage the include and exclude lists remotely. :-)

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DaMax's picture

The thing is that "bpdir -M SERVER /usr/openv/netbackup" is much faster than your bpgetconfig stuff, cause you'll see in one step if and which in- and exclude lists are on the client. i can't find a way to check that with bpgetconfig without knowing the specific policy name and i can't check if there is already a exclude list for a specific schedule which makes it risky to configure without logging in to the client.

The other thing is we are checking the dssu staging units with bpdir by counting the .ds files. Is there another way to check it ?

The scripts you showed us are less usefull than the way we currently do it. Shouldn't it be intended to you guys to make it easier for the customers than harder to admin huge environments ?

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bakitup's picture

bpgetconfig -M {client name} exclude
This command will list the exclude information
bpgetconfig -M {clientname} include
Will list include information.
There are several things which can be viewed with bpgetconfig -M {client name}

I had the same issue with bpgp and used bpdir. bpgetconfig/bpsetconfig will do the same things, but a tab more to script. I have not used it for setting includes on UNIX clients but do extensively on windows clients.

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sp0_0ky's picture

If the bpgetconfig patch involves an updated bpcd, I doubt the fix will work on older client systems. Good luck if you still have 5.x clients.
We recently upgraded to 6.5.2a and are currently flying blind without bpgp to collect include/exclude files. We may need to go with rsh/ssh to collect this info. We aren't looking forward to it since from experience ssh host key auth to hundreds of clients is not particularly fast. bpgp was quick and easy.

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Bob Insko's picture

It's one thing to tell us that this ONE THING that can be done with bpgetconfig is now "in there", but which version of NetBackup added this?  I don't see it documented in the 6.5 GA documentation, nor in the supimental documentation for 6.5.2 or 6.5.3, or in other places I looked.
Veritas NetBackup 6.5.2 Documentation Updates -TN 302438
Veritas NetBackup 6.5.3 Documentation Updates -TN 305408
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Release Notes for UNIX, Linux, and Windows - TN 209196

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TimWillingham's picture

Is there a method or syntax to remove a line from an exclude list?

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Andy Welburn's picture

You could try something along these lines with a little thought & modification:

.... use bpgetconfig to get current exclude_list, 'filter out' the entry you no longer require (`grep -v` ?) & then bpsetconfig the 'new' exclude_list.

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