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Shanghai Telecom: Uptime for 10 Million Customers

Created: 08 Jan 2010 • Updated: 15 Jan 2010
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Ever see one of those TV shows where someone accidentally pulls the ripcord on what seems like a small plastic bag, but then it quickly inflates into a rescue boat that fills the room? Sometimes data seems like that to me.  It’s a constantly growing entity that requires ever larger backups, putting a strain on the limits of storage space and backup windows.
I bet it must seem like that for the IT staff at Shanghai Telecom Co. Ltd. They have to cope with a petabyte of data that’s growing by 100 terabytes a year. They were using EMC NetWorker to back up this mountain of data, but more than half the jobs failed. So the company switched to Veritas NetBackup in 2008, and its backup success rate is now 98 percent.
There’s more info here on how Shanghai Telecom uses NetBackup to better protect its data. You can also learn how to slash storage costs with Veritas Storage Foundation.