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Shine A Light On Dark Data With Data Insight 4.0

Created: 14 Jul 2013 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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DI2.jpgToday we announced Symantec Data Insight 4.0, the latest version of our unstructured data governance solution that provides actionable intelligence into the ownership and usage of unstructured data, such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets and emails. Symantec Data Insight 4.0 provides new discovery, analysis and remediation capabilities to help organizations better reduce costs, reduce risk, achieve compliance and gain insights into their unstructured data.

With this version of Data Insight, Symantec continues to integrate its storage and security offerings, providing organizations a unified approach to data governance. Data Insight 4.0 features integration with Symantec Enterprise Vault for file archiving and retention as well as enhanced integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention for confidential data protection for file shares and SharePoint.

Over time, most organizations have accumulated large quantities of unstructured data which continues to grow rapidly, incurring rising costs and risk. Yet they are often in the dark as to what information the data contains, who owns the data and if the data has business relevance. Gartner reports that "organizations have little awareness of the volume, composition, risk and business value of their unstructured data," and further estimates that only one percent of organizations manage all their unstructured data today.[i]

New enhancements include advanced analytics, visualization, flexible query and flexible remediation capabilities that help organizations unlock broad data governance value. The benefits include:

  • Informed data management: Organizations can interactively navigate or analyze their dark data using Data Insight’s context-aware features that inform and streamline data management efforts. These include data migrations, classification, mergers and acquisitions, divestiture, tiering and growth planning. Once organizations better understand their unstructured data, they can archive the data with a Symantec Enterprise Vault connector or implement custom actions through a remediation framework.
  • Detect Insider Risk and Secure Collaboration: Data Insight offers a new Social Network Map of user activity and collaboration on data that helps organizations identify outlier or risky users to address insider threats to confidential data. Excessive access permissions are a major source of risk for unauthorized data use. 'What If' modeling and recommendations in Data Insight help organizations secure access to data without impact to information availability.
  • Streamline Regulatory and Internal Audit Compliance: Data Insight streamlines confidentiality and integrity reporting and audits for data access. A flexible query interface enables organizations to build business processes and compliance workflows. Data Insight also helps organizations streamline data retention efforts. Organizations can discover data sets by age, analyze context and content to determine retention needs, and then automate actions using Enterprise Vault or other custom actions.

Shine Light on Dark Data

Data Insight’s discovery and analysis capabilities give organizations an understanding of what data exists, how it is being used, who owns it and who has access to it. Data Insight’s actionable intelligence then enables organizations to better understand the data they have so they can take the best actions to organize, manage or protect the data. Data Insight 4.0 shines a light on dark data to improve data governance and ensure that unstructured data is a business asset.

Data Insight provides comprehensive support for leading unstructured and semi-structured platforms, such as NetApp and EMC NAS devices, Windows File Servers, Microsoft SharePoint, and Unix File Servers with the Veritas Storage Foundation file system. Data Insight provides further extensibility through a collection interface.

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[i] Innovation Insight: File Analysis Innovation Delivers an Understanding of Unstructured Dark Data; Published: 28 March 2013 by Alan Dayley