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Showing Message Class Information in Outlook

Created: 27 Mar 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014 • 6 comments
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A question which was posed the other day was :

How do I see what message classes my messages are in Outlook?

Well fortunately that's fairly easy to add as a column in the list of messages in a folder, in Outlook.  This short blog explains how to do that.

First of all, here is my Outlook 2007 window:

What you then do is right click anywhere on the line where it says "Arranged By: Conversation", or "Newest on top", and select Field Chooser:

From there, you choose All Mail Fields, and scroll down the list to Message Class.

You then drag and drop Message Class in to the list of columns already displayed in your folder, and after a bit of re-arranging of column widths, you will see :

In Outlook 2010 it's pretty much the same:

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Found this entirely helpful, just like everything you've ever written, Mr Wilcox! Thank you.

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Thanks for the comment.

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The instructions below show how to search an Outlook mailbox for all EnterpriseVault items using the "Message Class" value.

The steps are specific to Outlook 2010, but would be similar in earlier versions of Outlook.

Note 1: This technique works within my environment. Test to ensure accuracy of this search technique in your own environment.

Note 2: In step 5 of the search, enter different search "Value" to search for items of a different "Message Class".


1. In Outlook, Open “Advanced Find” by keying Ctrl + Shift + F
Or …
By menu Home > Filter E-mail > More Filters… In the “Search Tools” menu that appears, click on Search Tools button, then select Advanced Find

2. In the “Advanced Find” window that appears, select the “Advanced” tab.

3. In the “Look For” section, select “Any type of Outlook Message”.

4. For the “In” field, click on the Browse… button.

   In the “Select Folder(s)” window that appears, select the top level folder (Usually identified as the user’s email address or mailbox name)

   Below the list of folders, select the check box for “Search subfolders” (so that the check appears in the check box).
   Click on the OK button to save changes in the “Search Folder(s)” window.

5. In the “Define more criteria” section of “Advanced Find” window, click on the Field menu and select All Mail Fields > Message Class
   In the “Conditions” field, select Contains.
   In the “Value” field, enter text “EnterpriseVault”

   Click on the Add to List button.

6. Click on the Find Now button to locate EnterpriseVault items.

Expected Result

A list of mailbox items with "Message Class" of "EnterpriseVault".

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Maybe you can help. I am trying to go one step further and filter my Outlook 2010 emails by message class in Conversation (Threads) view. Specifically, I want to exclude Receive and Read reports, both of which have a Message Class that begins  So I set up a filter:

Message Class | does not contain | REPORT

But they still appear in the conversation threads. Would you have any idea why?



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What happens if you don't group by conversation?

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