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Simplicity and integration - the two primary drivers for Symantec 4.0

Created: 28 Oct 2013 • Updated: 28 Oct 2013
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In preparation for creating our Symantec 4.0 strategy, we took the step of listening to our customers. What company would ever say they didn't? By listening I mean really listening - we sat down with customers, individually and in groups, and asked what worked and what didn't, what they liked about Symantec and what they felt needed to change. 

We travelled the globe to take the views of companies large and small, from the widest variety of sectors. So, what did we hear? As we distilled down the notes taken from interviews and workshops, email exchanges and calls, we found that the essence could be summarised in two words: simplicity and integration.

So, first, simplicity. Of course enterprise organisations want to keep things simple - but technology today is increasingly complicated. Cloud services and consumerisation, mobility and remote working making it ever harder to manage information and mitigate risks. At the same time, our product line was reading like a timeline of the history of computing. Companies told us they wanted us to deliver capabilities that met business and service needs, rather than providing specific technical functions.

And second, we have integration. As technology continues to diversify, CIOs are looking at providing a resilient platform for core information and service delivery, while assuring that web sites, tablets and smartphones, laptops and desktop computers can access what they need simply and flexibly. 

This means providing security and information management capabilities as integrated services which work across the mechanisms in place, rather than being tied to individual elements. For example data should be backed up wherever it is, and backups should be accessible wherever they need to be. All of these factors are central to our efforts as we take our existing 200 product lines and reduce them to 10, service-aligned products. 

As we have said, Symantec 4.0 represents the next stage of a long journey which runs in parallel with how technology is evolving. We shall continue to listen to customers, as we have said, and no doubt our strategy will change accordingly. For now however, simplicity and integration provide the two primary drivers for our innovation strategy, based on best-of-need requirements as articulated by our customers today.