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Simplifying Desktop and Web App Security

Created: 27 Sep 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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Malicious software can be a headache on a regular computer. But across an entire network infrastructure, these pieces of software can be an administrator’s worst nightmare. This makes network risk management a top priority for admins. With the diversity and complexity of modern IT infrastructure, however, risk management is a daunting task. Symantec Control Compliance Suite (SCCS) simplifies this process for both client desktops and for web apps, allowing effective and easy risk management across large systems. You can automate and review your entire security policy and integrate data from multiple sources to allow for easy review.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of It policy: from conceptualisation and review, to distribution and end-user management
  • Certifications for the Public Sector
  • Compatibility with Symantec Protection Centre, to provide even more comprehensive security solutions
  • Workflow integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention and targeted individual security awareness training to help to ensure data security
  • Risk scoring and multi-level reports, to simplify prioritisation and review

For more details about how SCCS can help to simplify your security solutions, check out this short presentation:

Symantec control compliance suite

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