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Simplifying the SVS Client Admin Install with a .bat File

Created: 19 Dec 2005 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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We were able to get Jeremy Hurren for a split-second (between coding SVS and snowmobiling) to show us a simple but nifty .bat file that makes installing the SVS Client Admin tool relatively foolproof. Give it a look.

Copy the line below into a text editor, change the PRODUCT_KEY to one you own, and save it a setup.bat in the same folder as your "Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi" file.

When users click the .bat file, the SVS Client Admin will be installed (your users won't have to type in the product key) and they'll be prompted to reboot their machine ... a necessary step in the installation process.

msiexec /i Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi PRODUCT_KEY=00000-00000-00000-00000 INSTALL_ADMIN=1 /qb!