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Windows 7

Sin #4: Envy - Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Windows 7

Created: 06 Nov 2009 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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ENVY:  Wishing the environment was more flexible and dynamic than it is

Now that Windows 7 is upon us, a familiar dread is falling over IT managers around the world.  Staff levels are often barely sufficient to support daily maintenance tasks, leaving an OS migration to mean many extra hours and restless nights.  First comes application retesting in every conceivable combination (in multiple images), application license reconciling, and system and personality backups.  Then come the expected weeks and months of helpdesk calls and lost productivity, as users discover the many additional ways that their systems and applications may become unstable or unusable.  All of this anticipation leads to envy of a hypothetical flexible environment where applications migrate without a hitch, systems dynamically configure themselves to the logged in user, and there are no sleepless nights.

Today, dreams of a flexible, dynamic computing environment are becoming a reality with the help of virtualization.  For OS migrations, Endpoint Virtualization is the name of the game:  virtual applications, virtual profiles, etc.  A fully virtualized workspace doesn’t care what operating system version is being used.  So when the old OS is figuratively pulled out from under the virtualized workspace, it lands gracefully back on its feet, and users can carry on without a productivity misstep.
Envy this:  Imagine a single OS image for everybody that contains only the simplest common elements, applications that are streamed on-demand according to preset rules that match license agreements and directory-provisioned authorizations; virtualized applications that eliminate DLL and other conflicts with each other and the operating system and can be reset with a single button if broken; profiles that stream unnoticed to the new system as if they had always been there.  What about optimized license costs and dramatically reduced helpdesk calls?  Or how about users that can log into any system in any location and be in an instantly familiar and productive environment?  And what about a smooth Windows migration that doesn’t cause overtime and lost sleep?

Or get the Endpoint Virtualization Suite and envy no more.

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