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A Smarter workplace - get on track at Vision EMEA

Created: 09 Sep 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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The future, or if you like, smarter workplace is a great vision of many IT directors and CIOs, a nirvana like state where users regardless of where, when and what device are able to do their job. It does not only make the business healthier and more efficient but also allows the workforce to optimise their working day. At Vision EMEA we are offering a session (ST B09) that addresses this topic and presents some of the solutions that could be a part of the true smart workplace.

During VMworld in the US Symantec announced a partnership with VMware to deliver hosted virtual desktops that are secure, easy to manage and compliant with enterprise customers’ governance and regulatory requirements. The partnership is one part of the strategy that will take you to the smarter workplace and will be covered at the session I am referring to. If you are interested in learning more then make sure to visit the ST B09 session (A Smarter workplace) and/or book a 121 meeting with one of our Global product experts who will be available during the event – for DaaS Christine Ewing is a good name, for Virtualisation strategy I recommend Brian Lynah. Or take the tour past the internet café where there will me more on this!

I look forward to seeing you at Vision EMEA!