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SMP 7.1 migration Third week

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013
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Alot of subtle changes being made as we move forward. A few products are being piloted and some issues being sorted out.


PC Anywhere is being rolled out today or tomorrow. This will give us a look at how stable the product is compared to Remote Desktop in the DS 6.9 products(Which was a wonderfully reliable product except on multi monitors). Working ok in the lab so far.

Do What?

The Software manager. This is one ridiculous product. it's a library of your installer files(Which means it keep s acopy of everything to do not a whole lot with, wasting disc space?) The software you import in here and add command lines in the package tab can be replicated to the Package servers, but some how this storage space isn't available as a Package server source? Also if we went through the time to import the command lines for the product, how come you still have to go back in and set the newly imported product as Manager? Why would anyone go through the time of doing all this on a software and not categorize it as managed? Odd logic here.


Some odd SQL issues. On the parent server, we have a SQl filter gathering top 33% of all guids in to one collection, Bottom 33 in another, and all excluding the 2 above as a third as our method to control inventory bandwidth. Well this works on the Parent, but when replicated to the child, Top 33 and Bottom 33 gets the same clients. But if you set the query of the bottom 33 to Order by ASC(Which means top 33) then the 2 Filters becomes different. Support is still looking in to it.


And big shock, the console is terrible! On Filters, the parent drop down are 1 click, on the Child the same Expand button takes a double Click.

Drag and drop is useless as it cant be applied to groups.

Window sizing between different views behaves differently(As in bad).


This week Imaging with Win 7 64 and 32 bit. More Software import then OOB build testing.