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Solutions Feature on Virtualization: Server, Storage, and Applications

Created: 11 Oct 2008 • Updated: 02 Apr 2009
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Virtualization is a topic that means different things to different IT organizations. For the solutions feature in the October 2008 issue, the CIO Digest editorial team had a chance to visit with two industry analysts and the director of development and business development operations at VMware on virtualization trends as well as several IT leaders on how they are approaching virtualization in their own computing environments.

Virtualization adoption accelerates

Adoption of virtualization technologies is expected to accelerate, with more than three quarters of IT organizations reporting that virtualization will significantly impact their IT management requirements over the next two years according to the Enterprise Strategies Group. Mark Thiele, the director of development and business development operations at VMware reports that more than 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 have some form of virtualization in their environments.

Three areas of virtualization

Symantec technologies cover three areas of virtualization—server, storage, and applications. For “Virtualize Everything? Opportunities—and Benefits—Keep Growing,” CIO Digest spoke with three different IT leaders about their use of Symantec technologies in addressing virtualization in each of these areas.

Ken Fell, the CIO at the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), and his team are leveraging Solaris Containers and logical partitions (LPARS), in conjunction with Veritas Cluster Server, to create a virtualized UNIX environment. The virtualized environment has increased availability to 99.9 percent (Solaris) and 99.95 percent (IBM) respectively and eliminated the number of servers by 230, saving $16.3 million in hardware, software, and maintenance costs.

Kun-Yung Wang, IT division director at Inotera Memories, Inc., and his team oversee 100 terabytes of data spread across different storage systems and created a virtualized storage environment using Veritas CommandCentral Storage. They improved storage utilization rates by 20 percent, from 50 percent to 70 percent, by recapturing stranded, orphaned, or unused storage. The 40 terabytes of reallocated storage amounts to $1.8 million.

The University of Utah is gaining business value through applications virtualization. The team, led by Clint Criddle, client management principal, deployed Altiris Software Virtualization Solution, enabling them to migrate their email systems in a matter of two days instead of six months. The labor productivity savings come to more than half a million dollars.

Find out more

For more detail on virtualization trends today, subscribers can download the solutions feature in the October 2008 issue of CIO Digest. If you would like to subscribe to CIO Digest, complete the online subscription form in less than five minutes.

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