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Some Changes Made to the Management Server

Created: 25 Nov 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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Last time we took a look at some of the performance improvements we made in MR3 in the client towards our goal of "zero-impact security".  Now let's look at some of the changes we made in the management server itself.

One of the biggest improvements is a change we made in the LiveUpdate signature delta generator.  When LiveUpdate runs on the management server and downloads new virus and IPS signatures from the Symantec server, it creates deltas, so that minimal data is transmitted over your company's pipes when your clients request the latest virus and IPS signatures.  We completely redid the delta generator in MR3, resulting in an increase of 1000% in time to create the deltas!  Not only is this process unbelievably faster than before, but it also creates significantly smaller deltas.  The overall benefit is that the management server is more responsive than before, since it is no longer spending as much time creating deltas.

We also made some enhancements to the Group Update Provider (GUP) to allow for higher scalability and additional control.   For virtualized environments, we added an option to randomize LiveUpdate signature downloads to improve the virtualization experience, so all the virtual machines on a single computer weren't trying to do a LiveUpdate at the same time, thus saturating the connection to that computer.

We have also added more granular access control to the product to allow administrators to delegate if an administrator can, for example, only control antivirus settings, and not control firewall settings.  And then, back by popular demand, we added in the "view" you were used to seeing with SAV's management console for seeing various aspects of the computers that are being managed.  Overall, we've made significant improvements to performance, scalability, and usability within the management server.

We're very excited about MR3 and I strongly encourage you to move to it as soon as possible.  With the  huge performance improvements your end users will notice on the client and significant changes we made in the management server, MR3 is a solid version that you should not only feel comfortable with, but extremely pleased with.   In fact, last month I was at our Vision customer conference in Europe and heard first hand from a number of customers of how pleased they are with MR3. 

Next time I'll give everyone an update on how we're addressing the convergence of security and manageability.