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Some notes on the current aila2 releases

Created: 14 Jan 2014 • Updated: 19 Jan 2014
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With aila2 and aila2-filter Downloads now available on Symantec Connect (see table below for links) I think it is time to document how these program make up just a part of the aila2 project and what the final result will look like.

The final result from a user standpoint is a web-site that provides a Calendar View where the aila2 parse results are displayed using a line graph showing the day trends (hit counts) per hour.

Here is a view from a test system:


The calendar view is currently set to 3 column wide and will show a maximum of 60 charts by default, but both default values can be overwritten on the UI itself. The calendar view also provides a link to access the detailed view on the server.

So here's a quick table of the aila2 tools and documents to be release in order to produce the above results:

Connect content Content name Program name
Download aila2-filter: A tool to filter IIS log files by time-taken or uri-stem fields aila2-filter.exe
Download aila2: A c# program to analyze Altiris IIS log files aila2.exe
Article aila2-web: How to use Quickview.html to draw charts from IIS log files n/a
Download aila2-runner: A simple tool to analyze all log files in a folder aila2-runner.exe
Article aila2-web: Introducing the Calendar View and siteconfig json file n/a
Download aila2-siteconfig: A tool to generate a site configuration file aila2-siteconfig.exe

There will probably be more documentation to come, related to how the tools can be used together as well as a pre-configured package to make the deployment and maintenance of the tool as simple as possible for the users.