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Corporate Responsibility in Action

Some Recent CSR News and Views

Created: 14 Aug 2012
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From time to time, we use this space to highlight some of our favorite blogs and articles dealing with CSR topics – particularly those that highlight issues material to Symantec’s business. Here are some things that have recently caught my eye:

Making it Personal: Engaging Employees for Sustainable Success

This Sustainable Brands article caught my eye because, at Symantec, buy-in from our employees is critical to the success of our corporate responsibility strategy. But we want that engagement to be authentic and to resonate with employees in a personal and tangible way, not just be one more thing they have to check off on their to-do list.

3 Ways to Get Informed about Business Environmental Innovations

I loved this BCLC article about taking a look at the positive ways that the business sector can affect the environment, rather than just managing and mitigating the negative impacts.

The Cloud of Commitments

Not an article or blog post, but this project, born out of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, collects and tracks commitments from governments, business, and nonprofits related to climate change and a low-carbon economy. It’s a great effort to introduce accountability to the many initiatives to come out of the Summit.

A Gold Medal for Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate commitments to social causes can be a slippery slope, and subject to intense scrutiny – for example, does Hershey’s commitment to encouraging fitness and combating childhood obesity ring true for a candy company? This Forbes CSR blog was interesting to me both as a CSR professional and a parent – it’s an interesting portrayal of a specific corporate program, explores their partnerships and motivations, and even lays out a few tips for corporate wellness programs.

What blogs are you reading? Let me know in the comments below!

Lora Phillips is Symantec’s Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility.