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Some requirements I have which I have not been able to find within Altiris

Created: 18 Apr 2009 • Updated: 18 Apr 2009 • 2 comments
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Of the things I miss the most when working with the Altiris suite the following two things are pretty close to the top of the list:
Customisable user message screens which may be associated per deployment task type. In other words, I don't want to have to create such type things to be part of my deployment package. A simple interface which allows me to communicate with my target audience with reference to what is about to happen on their device would be most useful. Connected to this is the lack of ability to have a countdown timer which may be associated with the task in question. For example, I deploy a certain job which requires the user to click on ok. The problem with this is that most users will just ignore this message, putting it into the background. What would be most useful is if I can set a timer on the job such that if the user has not clicked on ok within the set timeframe the job then automatically executes. This accompanied with a visible countdown box which appears on the screen has, in my experience, the desired effect to ensure that the user will execute the job sooner rather than later.

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The second feature you describe can be found in the Deployment Server. This KB article describes how to submit a feature request:

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If you're talking about using a software delivery task from the NS, you can post a pre-install message to the client by checking the box "Warn the user before running this task- user can defer task for " within the task.  When you check this box, it gives a you a deferment period which applies to the length of time the end user can defer installation if they choose to defer.  What is not obvious, is that the Description field then becomes part of your notification that pops up to the user.  We use this to briefly describe what is installing and whether it may have a reboot or anything like that.  The countdown of how long that message is displayed on the screen is configured within the Altiris agent configuration policy under the Interaction tab.  The setting is entitled "Software delivery task notification prior to running..." and by default is set to 30 or 60 seconds I think.  We change this to 60 minutes to make sure the user has plenty of time to acknowledge a distribution if we choose to post the pre-install message.

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