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Spam and Phishing Landscape: June 2010

Created: 10 Jun 2010 17:03:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:27:02 GMT
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Spam made up 89.81 percent of all messages in May, compared with 89.22 percent in April. As we are approaching mid-year, a section of this month’s report takes a look at top spam and phishing trends in 2010 so far, and how those trends are continuing today. In this month’s report, Symantec’s anti-spam analysts also share what they consider to be the most annoying spam.
With social networks continuing to add millions of users to its overall user base, crafty spammers are taking advantage of the popularity of these networks to design new spamming techniques week after week. The State of Spam & Phishing report for this month provides a deep dive on social network spam, highlighting some unique and dangerous techniques deployed by spammers.

Click here to download the June 2010 State of Spam & Phishing Report, which highlights the following trends:

  • Deep Dive into Social Network Spam
  • Phishing Prepaid Debit Card Accounts
  • Phishing US Servicemen and Veterans
  • First Half of 2010: Spam, Spam, and more Spam
  • Most Annoying Spam
  • EMEA’s March Towards 50%
  • May 2010: Spam Subject Line Analysis