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Spammers Honor Your Mother with a Memorable Gift

Created: 10 May 2010 19:10:57 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:27:35 GMT
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Mother’s Day was yesterday—hopefully you didn’t forget! I also hope you weren’t too worried about getting a decent gift for your mom. There was no shortage of spammers who wanted to help you out with that. Symantec observed that spam related to Mother’s Day had, of course, increased since mid-April. Touching gift selections as well as flowers and greeting cards were being offered.

The following Mother’s Day spam samples were the most frequent types of messages that were seen. The messages came in hit-and-run spam form, the body content often changing from domains and promotional text to advertising images:

From: "eCards" <eCards@[Details Removed]>
Subject: Make your Mother smile this Sunday

From: Mothers Day Flowers <flowers@[Details Removed]>
Subject: $19.99 Mothers Day Flowers + Free Chocolates

From: "Picture Frame for Mom" <[Details Removed]>
Subject: Mother's Day Keepsake Frame

From: [Details Removed]
Subject: [Details Removed] this is about Mother's Day

We can easily spot these spam samples because of the promotional header lines. And, since Mother’s Day was a major calendar event in a lot of countries, we anticipated the volume of messages to increase. Symantec Brightmail successfully blocked these spam attacks, but as always we advise users to not open or respond to these or any types of spam email. Please just delete any spam messages right away.

Your devoted mom surely deserved a precious gift on this special day (and others!), but they are likely to be much more happy to hear you tell them how much you love them, rather than hear you were duped by a spammer.


My thanks to blog contributors: Saurabh Kulkarni, Sooz Thomas, and Suji S.