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Spying Can Be Dangerous

Created: 29 Jul 2009 12:32:06 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:33:44 GMT
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Ever dreamt of owning devices that would let you roll like a secret agent from spy movies? Why not? Spammers are offering a solution—not a spy bug to be attached to a phone, but software that once installed on the target phone sends back information on all of the calls, including messages originating from one phone to another.

This proposition offers the option of peeping into someone’s phone to obtain desired information. The spammer claims that the surveillance functions of the target phone (after being installed) can be used to obtain valuable information from people such as your girlfriend, manager, key employees, business partners, etc. The scammers promote that you can track valuable information, which can be compiled by listening to outgoing calls, receiving copies of incoming and outgoing SMS messages, and tracking precise locations of the phone device using GPS satellites.

However, this miraculous spy device requires a few steps in order begin use. The user has to first install the so-called “unique MMS phone interceptor loader” on their phone and then execute it. It is very possible that this is a dangerous step towards installing malware. Earlier this month, Symantec published a blog on a mobile threat delivered with the help of SMS.

Mobile threats are expected to continue to grow through 2009. This spam appears to be a scam that could very likely infect users’ systems.


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