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The SSL Certificate Protection

Created: 04 Jul 2013
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SSL certificate has been used to secure credit card transactions, login and transfer of data. It has recently been used to secure browsing in social media sites. This certificate binds together domain, server, and host names. They are also used to bind company name and location. It is advisable for a company or organization to install this certificate in order to have secure sessions during browsing. SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol used to ensure safety of transactions between web servers and browsers. A website with this certificate ensures all participants in that space are secure, including the end users. There are different types of certificates. They include single, multiple domain, extended validation single domain, extended multi domain, UCC Exchange and Wildcard.

Purpose of SSL Certificate

This certificate is essential for online businesses and organizations. When running an online business, your concern should be to earn your customers trust and confidence. Having this certificate is one sure way to achieve that relationship. The transactions will be secure, and this will keep the customers comfortable as they make purchases from your online store or access your website in general. It will prevent hacking into your website. You can introduce icons to help your visitors and guide them during connection.