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Netting Out NetBackup

A startup in the NetBackup platform

Created: 14 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 • 2 comments
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When I got out of school at the University of Minnesota a few years ago I had a bunch of friends that went off to California where they worked for dot com’s or other little startups.  Some were successful, others not.  Almost all of my friends though thought I was crazy for becoming an engineer on a piece of software that used predominately tape drives for storage at the time (and this was 2004).  For a long time I was forced to explain how modern tape media had larger capacity or faster streaming write speeds than hard disks.  Luckily NetBackup 6.5 has changed that with all its disk features so now I spend my time explaining what neat things we can do with disk.

But that’s not why I’m writing.  A couple of months ago I made a move from NetBackup to Veritas Backup Reporter.  VBR (the name most people refer to Backup Reporter as) has been a result of several internal projects and external products but is largely based on a startup product that was built by several bright people back before the Symantec/Veritas merger.  These people came from IT shops in the financial industry that were trying to better manage their environments, and more specifically the backup part that was growing more complex and inefficient.  Now I don’t know about you but I stereotype a big financial company as having a lot of money since they count every penny and try to squeeze efficiency out of every aspect of themselves.  I’m a child of the 80’s so Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vault of coins is the picture my mind produces of these people.  What’s neat is that they were part of the beginning of the data protection management market (DPM - we love our acronyms if you haven’t figured out yet).  And that market has done just that; it has made possible new levels of efficiency and cost control.  So it only made sense that this emerging market and product be brought in with the NetBackup family since we want our users to manage their backup environments like Scrooge McDuck counting all his coins.

We’re a nimble bunch and we operate very much like a startup.  This has allowed us to address new demand and meet user expectations more quickly.  This also puts us in a great position since we know a thing or two about backups (we do have a little industry leading product called NetBackup) that sits right next to us.  So the combination of whom we are as a company and our startup mentality is going to really drive Veritas Backup Reporter and the bleeding edge of the NetBackup platform.  I plan to blog about what VBR can do and the DPM market specifically since there is a large amount of growth and activity going on with it right now.  A lot of people don’t know what it can do for them just yet so hopefully if you keep reading my posts you’ll have a better idea.  Users of backup reporting software are genuinely excited that they can simplify their environment and answer questions they’ve always had.  We’ve even had people run off to fix something when they see a report or gasp in astonishment at just how good (or bad) their backup success rate is.  Plus who doesn’t like seeing a really good looking bar chart?

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Is this an additional reporting tool on top of NOM or a paid option like NBAR in 5.0?

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It's a separate paid product that replaced NBAR and CommandCentral Service.

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