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Status update from the Symantec LUA product team

Created: 11 Jan 2012 • Updated: 18 Jan 2012 • 1 comment
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Happy new year to you all!

The Symantec LUA team released version 2.3.1 in Dec. Just a quick status update for you in relation to how things have been going since then.

We've seen over 200 successful customer installs/upgrades of LUA 2.3.1 so far and feedback has been very positive.

As a recap, 2.3.1 introduced the following enhancements:

  • The LUA web server service will now automatically restart if it crashes or terminates unexpectedly.
  • LUA will now automatically install and utilise an optimised private Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 update 27). This also means it is no longer necessary to separately install a public JRE for use by LUA.
  • It is now possible for LUA to automatically run multiple specified distribution tasks after a download task completes.
  • New quick link added to the user interface which allows customers to quickly and easily capture all LUA-related troubleshooting information that Symantec Technical Support may require if answering a query or investigating a reported issue.
  • Other new quick links added to the user interface: How to configure a Remote Distribution Center, Product Selection Guide: Which SEP 12.1 sub components to select
  • Added ability for LUA to automatically send email notification on successful completion of a task (as well as failure of a task).
  • LUA will now automatically send an email notification when disk space is running low on the drive to which LUA is installed (the LUA database is at risk of becoming corrupted if disk space runs low).
  • Email notification appearance has been enhanced (now HTML based).
  • Security within the user interface has been enhanced to ensure protection from specific potential attack scenarios.
  • LUA will now periodically send anonymous product information to Symantec (can be disabled if required).
  • LUA now installs and utilises the latest available versions of Apache Tomcat (7.0.21) and PostgreSQL (9.0.4).
  • Resolved a specific compatibility issue so that LUA can now be used to effectively manage content for BackupExec.
  • 25 other third-party components upgraded.

It is worth also knowing that LUA 2.3.0 and previous releases utilize versions of PostgreSQL which have reached end of life.

Due to all the above reasons, we encourage LUA customers to upgrade to version 2.3.1 asap. The upgrade process itself typically takes less than 15 mins and is very straightforward.

Version 2.3.1 can be obtained by contacting Symantec Technical Support or if you drop me a direct message, I can also provide a link through which you can download it.

On behalf of the LUA team, I want to send along big thanks to all those customers that provided invaluable beta testing feedback as part of the 2.3.1 development process. The good news is the team has already started work on version 2.3.2 which we're targetting to release later this year. Thank you for all your support to date and I will update you all again as the Beta cycles for 2.3.2 get closer.

One last note, I have a dedicated Twitter account through which I'm providing LUA specific updates, if you wish to be kept up to date also via that method, you can follow me @symc_LUA.

Best Regards,



LUA 2.3.x release notes for reference:

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Please could you provide me link to update my LUA Version:  to LUA 2.3.1 ?


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