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Staying Safe While Using Facebook

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • Translations available: Français, Deutsch
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Reports earlier this month that Facebook had reached the landmark of 1 billion users certainly demonstrated just how big the social network phenomenon has become.

However, as the world’s most popular website just seems to get bigger and bigger, it is also more important than ever to be on the guard against hackers who can access your personal information.

Common sense is probably your biggest asset against the threat of cyber criminals, but there are also a few simple tips you can follow to give yourself maximum protection:

  1. Be ultra-careful with any friends that you add. Accepting someone as a friend gives them full access to your page, so make sure you know who you’re adding rather than mindlessly accepting all requests.
  2. Remember that most options can be disabled if you don’t need them or don’t want to use them. This is another element that gives you added control over your own page.
  3. Don’t start believing that the keyboard gives you invisibility. A general rule is that you should not do/say anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t ordinarily in real could come back to haunt you.
  4. Privacy settings are there for your protection. Have a glance at the privacy guide available on site, Facebook are highly conscious of this area and are good at giving users the freedom to keep things as private as they may want.

Don’t post details unnecessarily. This may seem like an obvious point but it’s worth re-emphasising. Whether its bank, mobile phone or credit card details, make sure you don’t include anything like this on the site.