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Storage Inaccessible and Data File Synchronization Job errors

Created: 28 Apr 2009 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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During snapshots, server jobs fail due to Storage is inaccessible to the Recovery Solution Server. The following event appears in the application event:

The data storage location 'F:\Altiris\DataStorage' is offline and not accessible now.
Local Event Code: 0x8008000f
System Event Code: 0x00000020: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
SbsName: , SbsKey: 0, 0

Data File Synchronization job for Synchronous Storage completes with errors.


Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (SP2)
Synchronous Storage


It is a physical (timing) problem on the storage.

Definition of the disk latency in a SAN environment is a very difficult task, because there are many physical and logical nodes: operating system, physical disks, RAID, one or more HBAs, one or more fibers (HBA > SAN), ports on SAN, may be fiber-switch, and so on.


This hotfix is in the form of DSRawData.dll and GetUnsyncFileBlocks.sql.

DSRawdata.dll needs to be applied to the Recovery Solution Server. DSRawData.dll is uploaded to in attachments:

1. Stop the Recovery Solution Server service.
2. Browse to the %Program Files%\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server folder.
3. Replace the old DSRawdata.dll with the new one uploaded to in attachments.

The GetUnsyncFileBlocks.sql Stored Procedure needs to be updated to the Recovery Solution Database:

1. Open SQL Query Analyzer by clicking Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Query Analyzer.
2. Download GetUnsyncFileBlocks.sql from in attachments
3. Load the stored procedure on to the SQL Query Analyzer.
4. Select the Recovery Solution Database from the drop-down list and execute the Stored Procedure.

Restart the Recovery Solution Server service.