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Study: Users Choose Convenience Over Clicks

Created: 19 May 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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A/B Test Experiences

Balancing between providing too much and too little information upfront, can seem like a bit of a high-wire act at times. Do you link to another page for more information or provide it by default at the risk of overwhelming users?

To inform our decision-making process in an instance where we encountered this, we conducted an A/B test to assess users' behaviors real-time. We had heard from our users that they wanted system information but were unsure how best to provide it. So, we tested two versions of the same page - one page had the system requirements information appear by default on the page (Experience A) and the other page had a hyperlink to a page with the system requirements (Experience B). In both experiences, this information was positioned in the same spot where it was contextually relevant to the 'buy' call to action. The system requirements is helpful information for users to successfully complete their purchases.

Fifty percent of the traffic to this page were served up Experience A and the other fifty percent saw Experience B. Once statistical significance on the test sample size was achieved, the results proved instructive and actionable. It showed that users preferred having the system requirements information appear by default versus clicking a link to navigate to a page with that information. The conversion rate was higher on the experience with the information displayed by default proving that convenience and ease of access was what users wanted.