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Surrender not thy good name!

Created: 03 Nov 2011 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Is your business ready to be blacklisted by search engines or you have the right tools to stay online and trusted?

The only way websites can get off the blacklist and shut down the warnings is to demonstrate that they are malware free. That’s why anti-malware scans and anti-malware seals are so valuable: they offer immediate, demonstrable proof that visitors can trust a website to be free of malware.

Anti-malware scans and seals offer website owners other tangible business benefits, including:

  • uninterrupted search traffic, higher search rankings and more completed transactions
  • improved compliance with commercial and government data security standards
  • significantly decreased chances that search engines will identify the website as malicious
  • much lower likelihood of public exposure, bad press and negative business consequences from blacklisting – such as legal action from data breach victims

Blacklisting spells huge trouble for infected websites. The warning immediately and markedly harms the website’s visibility and profitability because it scares away many visitors forever, even if the website owner fixes the problem. Blacklisting directly lowers websites’ search rankings, damaging organizations’ investments in search engine optimization (SEO). If the website owner doesn’t remove the malware quickly, search engines could drop the site from search results altogether, imprisoning the website owner in a virtual Siberia (Cyberia?).

Success in online business directly corresponds to the visibility and reputation companies have. That’s a primary reason malware is so dangerous: Not only can it infect websites and their visitors alike, putting their sensitive data at risk, but it can also cost businesses the trust that makes online commerce possible.

To help reduce malware risks and preserve websites’ good names, Symantec SSL brands offer malware scanning, a cloud service that helps ensure website owners and visitors alike are exposed to hidden malware for as brief a time as possible. The scan automatically checks up to 50 customer web pages daily for both well-known and brand new malware strains. The service provides immediate, detailed alerts that clearly pinpoint malware infections and enable website owners to eliminate them quickly and easily.

Anti-malware scans and seals provide essential bona fides of website safety to browsers, the gatekeepers to online commerce, and search engines, the matchmakers. Both browsers and search engines require website owners to prove their sites are not infected with malware.

To protect their users, search engines and browsers that detect malware on a website blacklist that website. Moreover, browsers will flag the website and warn all visitors that the site may harm their computers.

Anti-malware scans and seals boost profitability for domain host providers, web security providers and authorized resellers as well. These offerings help increase adoption because end buyers appreciate having more low-cost options that improve security and reputation. 

Shakespeare wrote in Othello: “He that filches from me my good name robs me of that which not enriches him and makes me poor indeed.” Cybercriminals are in it for the money and don’t care that their thievery savages businesses’ reputations. Anti-malware scans and seals provide proven protection that helps preserve organizations’ online reputations, enriching the online experience for us all.