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Symantec Advances Enterprise Mobile Offerings with Acquisition of NitroDesk

Created: 23 May 2014 • Updated: 28 May 2014 • 7 comments
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One of the primary reasons enterprises adopt mobility is to improve collaboration and out-of-office productivity. That makes business email the first and most widely adopted mobile application, and consequently most of our customer conversations start with “How do we enable secure mobile email?”. Many third party applications, including native email applications, lack in either functionality, security or usability. With the fate of Blackberry looking grim, the majority of enterprises relying on Blackberry are looking for alternative mobile business email options.

Solving this #1 customer job has been part of our mobile strategy from day 1. To better serve our customers with a differentiated email product today, and to broaden our capabilities in productivity tomorrow, we have decided to acquire NitroDesk, a partner of ours for secure email for several years. We closed the deal last week and I am excited to share the news with you.

Press Release: Symantec Development Surge Produces Industry’s Best Mobile Threat Protection

NitroDesk TouchDown is a popular mobile email application in the enterprise space, which started out with a vision of creating a “Mobile Outlook” client and has been successful in becoming the most functional and mature mobile email client in the market today. NitroDesk shares our mission of securing corporate data on mobile devices, and we are very excited to have NitroDesk join us in delivering this vision. This is a significant step for the mobile team, and in combination with our Symantec App Center product and Symantec Sealed Apps, we will be able to bring a competitive productivity solution that combines enterprise class protection with consumer class user experience.

Join me in welcoming NitroDesk to Symantec family!

Read the FAQ: NitroDesk Joins Symantec

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Vince G's picture

And with that purchase of NitroDesk, none of the help links on the nitrodesk website work anymore...

If you need help in planning mergers such as this i am available...


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Dek's picture

Will POP3 and IMAP support be implemented?  I have been searching in vain for a non web based mobile email solution which would give all the capabilities of Outlook in one mobile App.  There must be a large market begging for an all in one solution for individual users who don't use exchange and have to use multiple Apps in a disjointed way to achieve the same ends.

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kal10bach's picture

"to better meet customer needs"

- where is touchdown now?

- who can i buy a license online?


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scifiguy's picture

How do you list your Sent folder as well as All Email (read and unread)?

Also, how do I have the app store my email on the SD card?

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pmccarthy's picture

Nitrodesk seems to have dissapeared since the aquisition. I miss the open communications from the developer and the community support form.

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ohzone - CherylPeterson's picture

We've created a support forum for TouchDown here on Connect. Please feel free to post your questions and comments here:


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Scot Witt's picture

Why am I getting three (3) Beg screens for Touchdown on boot and interruptinbg me all the time? I have a Galaxy S-4 and made the mistake of installing the app until I found out Samsung native security took care of my company's requirements....that and touchdown never worked.

How do I remove this scurge?