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Symantec and TechSoup Global Help Nonprofits Achieve their Missions

Created: 27 Sep 2013 • Updated: 01 Oct 2013
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In its fiscal year 2013, Symantec contributed more than $24 million in cash and software to nonprofits working within its four philanthropic focus areas: science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education; online safety; diversity; and environmental responsibility. Over the next few weeks, we will hear from several of our partners on various projects and programs that Symantec is helping to support. Earlier this week, we heard from Dresden Joswig from the Rainforest Alliance. Earlier in this series, we heard from Acterra, an environmental nonprofit serving Silicon Valley, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Today we feature Marissa Rusek from TechSoup Global.

At the rural base of the Appalachian Mountains, 80 miles north of Atlanta, sit two small library branches that serve a county of 25,000. One of the main reasons people come to the libraries in White County is to use the computer. For example, Michael Humphrey, Program Manager for White County Libraries, recalls that when a Wal-Mart opened in the area in 2010, local residents seeking work had to have computer access to apply for the sought-after jobs.

“People came in to use the computer who had never used one before. As a result, the small library staff worked with patrons one-on-one and held computer classes two or three times per week.”

To meet this local need for networked computers, Humphrey tapped TechSoup, an international network of NGOs that provides technology resources and education to non-profits, NGOs, and charities around the world, to request donated desktop computers. To keep his local network safe and secure, Humphrey also requested a donation of Norton Antivirus software for each machine, which he updates regularly.

“We needed to boost our security,” he says, noting that the Symantec product is much more robust than the free program the libraries were using previously. “TechSoup has helped us tremendously,” says Humphrey, “so much so that we’ve encouraged three other libraries in our region to sign on as well.”

This is just one example of the numerous ways Symantec’s software donation program and partnership with TechSoup is helping non-profits achieve their missions. For example, through TechSoup’s partnership with Symantec, Netherland environmental non-profit, the Groninger Landscape Foundation was able to optimize its CRM network and is now better equipped to interact with potential supporters, and better enabled to capture information and data to improve the impact of its interactions. Additionally, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America received $392,937 of donated Symantec product through TechSoup. And with Symantec Endpoint protection the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware can more easily manage their security software and more effectively identify virus risks.

Symantec and TechSoup Global – A Snapshot

Technology is an enabler and has allowed organizations of all sizes to advance, streamline processes, and better execute on their mission and business objectives. While non-profits traditionally have less advanced IT systems than for profit businesses, primarily due to budget and information constraints, their technology needs are often no lower.

Founded in 1987, TechSoup Global solves this issue for non-profits, helping them source and use technology to heighten their impact. Since our founding, we have distributed over 11.4 million technology products through our network of donor partners, saving over $3.7 billion for the sector..

Symantec developed its software donation program in 2002 and is one of over 90+ corporate donors ranging from Microsoft to Cisco to SAP, that are crucial to serving our mission. In FY13 over 22,000 non-profits and libraries in 28 countries were served via our partnership with Symantec. Collectively, these organizations saved over $20 million dollars on technology investments. Additionally, the total retail value of Symantec software distributed to them in FY13 totaled over $22 million

Symantec also generously supports TechSoup with grants, including a multi-year grant to develop our Learning Lab, which enables us to test new technology products, develop video training to help nonprofits learn to use technology, and collect stories from around the globe that highlight technology innovation.

Together, TechSoup and Symantec are securing global nonprofit organizations and their information, helping non-profits streamline their IT security so they can focus on doing more good. Thank you to Symantec for your continued partnership and invaluable contributions!

Curious if your non-profit qualifies for Symantec’s software donation program? Learn more by visiting and To see other stories that show how Symantec’s support has changed lives, visit TechSoup’s Local Impact Map

Marissa Rusek is Senior Program Manager for TechSoup Global.